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Small Business Owner Looking Summer Sales?

Small Business Advertising

If you own a small business that does big business in the summer, now is the time to get your marketing plan in place. Small business advertising is key to longer-term growth and success.

Landscapers, homebuilders, realtors, A/C and HVAC professionals, pool shops, organizers, and housecleaners are just some of the industries that count on a strong start to summer sales for a successful year. Its no coincidence that these professions are some of the most likely to benefit from advertising in their local Coffee News®! Why should you become an industry-exclusive advertiser in your local Coffee News® restaurant publication, and how do you get started?

At Coffee News we have your Small business advertising covered!

If you are a small business with strong ties to your local community, Coffee News® is an easy, affordable advertising opportunity that was designed just for you …and generates real returns for business owners just like you. That’s right—the friendly brown restaurant paper that you pick up at restaurants, grocery stores, shops, and offices in your town drives sales and brand awareness for small local businesses every day!

Why should entrepreneurs and small local businesses advertise in Coffee News®?

  • So many of your potential customers read and enjoy Coffee News®. The sort of person who frequents their neighborhood restaurants, shops, and stores is just the sort of person you want to reach—and they’re reaching for the latest edition of Coffee News® while they wait for their meal or their turn at the register.
  • Every Coffee News® ad placement is industry-exclusive. This means if you purchase an ad in your local Coffee News®, you will be the only business advertising that service in Coffee News®. In other magazines or newspapers, you’re just one of a crowd. In Coffee News®, you’re always the industry advertising
  • Coffee News® is always good news. Traditional newspaper or magazine advertising can place your ad right next to a sad or negative story. The bad feelings readers get from the news or magazine story can change how they view your ad. But Coffee News® is filled with enjoyable, humorous, and light stories that generate positive feelings—and sales!
  • Coffee News®will design your ad for you. That’s right—professional ad design is done by the Coffee News® team! Saving you the cost of hiring a graphic designer or a copywriter!

Small Business Advertising in Canada.

If you want to generate summer sales, when should you start advertising in Coffee News®?

  • If you want your Coffee News® ad to have the most impact on spring sales, talk to your local Coffee News® publisher today. Potential customers need multiple “impressions” (or views of your ad) to remember it when they go to make a purchase. We’re all surrounded by advertising almost every moment of every day, and breaking through the noise takes, on average, about three months of recurring ad placements. You’ll also want to leave yourself enough time to work with the Coffee News® team on designing the best ad for your business.

How do you place an ad in Coffee News®?