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Hoping for Big Sales this Season?

Here’s a Quick Coffee News® Checklist for Fantastic Fall Promotions

Labor Day weekend marked the beginning of autumn advertising opportunities. If your small or medium-sized local business relies on big fall or winter sales, now is the time to get your marketing plan in place. To get the most from your autumn advertising dollars, contact your community Coffee News® publisher. When the air turns cooler and the leaves start to brown, your customers will start gathering in coffee shops and restaurants, and advertising in everyone’s favorite little brown restaurant publication really heats up!
Back to school sales are just the beginning of the autumn advertising season. Third and fourth quarter advertising placements drive sales right through the holidays.

  • Bring your autumn ad campaign home.
    Fall is when everyone comes home. Vacations end, the days get shorter, and we find ourselves spending more time indoors. Advertising campaigns that recognize and encourage the natural nesting instinct feel particularly effective in the fall. Consumers start thinking about lawn and garden or home improvement projects, hoping to finish them before the snow flies. Indoors, shoppers are looking for warmer textiles, fun holiday decorations, or a new dining room table that can fit the whole family at Thanksgiving.
  • Emphasize convenience.
    The leisurely pace of summer is a distant memory. With the return to school routines and a renewed focus on work, everyone feels a bit more pressure in the fall. Remind your customers how your products and services can make their busy lives simpler, easier, and more fulfilling in your autumn advertising. Takeout menus, free delivery or returns, online ordering, validated parking, extended hours—these are all things harried customers notice and appreciate during the jam-packed autumn and winter months.
  • Is autumn one of your biggest sales seasons? Try offering additional services instead of additional discounts.
    If autumn is a time when demand is high at your business, you might not need to discount to drive sales. Autumn is a wonderful time to emphasize quality and customer service. Instead of discounting an item by 50%, why not offer two for the price of one? Autumn is a time of indulgence when customers are more likely to want to treat themselves. And if you offer services, durability and dependability resonate in the autumn. A new roof that stands up to winter, snow tires that keep family safer, new clothes or shoes that will last all seem at their most appealing in the fall. Because Coffee News® offers industry-exclusive advertising, none of your direct competitors can be in your issue. You are automatically above the competition—and can take your message, and your sales, to a higher level.
  • Is autumn one of your slower sales seasons? That makes it one of the most important times to advertise.
    If you run a business that traditionally does better in the spring and summer, advertising in autumn is even more critical to keeping customers coming in the door. For landscapers or house painters, consider offering an off-season discount for signing a contract on spring work in advance. Realtors can encourage homeowners hoping to sell in the spring to photograph their home before leaves fall and snow flies. Lock in customers now, and you can worry less later!

Ask your Coffee News® publisher for assistance in developing your ad campaign. Coffee News publishers receive extensive training in exclusive advertising techniques that yield real results. Ad design and copy consultation are included in the price of your ad placement, so take advantage of it. You’ll see why Coffee News advertisers return again and again—and you’ll see increases in customer awareness and sales.