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Did you know? Coffee News Weekly Feature

Coffee News Weekly  – “Did you know?”

“Did you know” is just one of our features in our family-friendly publication. It is read by millions weekly and has new editions on local stands each Friday. Advertising in Coffee News sees local readers reading local ads. Find out more by contacting a Coffee News publisher in your area. Publishing since 1988 Coffee News is celebrating its 30th year of operations. Coffee News provides advertisers with a cost-effective solution while providing entrepreneurs with a career opportunity!

This week’s “Did You Know…?”

Purring feline: The reasons why cats purr is not precisely known. Purring may be used to reveal that they are not in an aggressive mood. As cats are known to purr when having kittens, it is also thought that purring may release a hormone that acts as a painkiller.

Gingery goodness: India is the world’s largest producer of ginger, where it is an important ingredient in curries and lentil dishes. Around the world, ginger is used in beverages and it is paired with many other foods, such as meat and sushi.

Singer from the start: Mick Jagger, lead singer for the famous British rock group The Rolling Stones, loved singing even as a young child. He sang in his church choir and spent a lot of time listening to singers on the radio.

Skeleton flower: The Diphylleia grayi is a plant with white blooms which grows primarily on the mountainsides in Japan and China. It is commonly known as the skeleton flower because when its petals come into contact with water, they become transparent.