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Be a Part of the Buy Local Movement

How to Start a Home Business that Helps Other Small Businesses Succeed

Saturday, November 29 is Small Business Saturday. All across America, holiday shoppers are encouraged to stop in and support the small businesses, stores, and restaurants owned by their friends and neighbors. If you believe in buying local, you can build a home-based business from that same passion to help your community. Coffee News
® publishers will work from home, promote small businesses in their community, and have fun this holiday season, and you can, too!

This holiday season, more and more shoppers will be looking at their gift list thinking “local first.” Now in its fifth year, Small Business Saturday kicks off the holiday shopping season with a reminder to:

  • Buy local! More of your money stays in your community. Local businesses spend much more of their profits close to home and pay taxes that benefit community services you use every day. When you buy local, your purchase goes further. It creates a positive ripple effect across your local economy that makes a bigger difference than you think.
  • Buy local! Help to create good jobs. Small business is the largest employer nationwide, so your purchase helps keep your friends and neighbors working in jobs they love close to home.
  • Buy local! Expand your local tax base and get more value from local tax revenue. When a small business does well, they pay more in taxes that fund vital community services. Local businesses also require fewer tax incentives and infrastructure perks than an outside business, so those taxes can support other community services.
  • Buy local! Preserve and protect what you love about your community. Big businesses and restaurant chains look and feel the same no matter where they are located. The unique character of your community is a valuable commodity, and big box stores and chains can cover up what makes your area unique. Local business reflects your community’s values and showcases what makes your community special.

Coffee News® proudly supports Small Business Saturday. After all, Coffee News® supports entrepreneurs and promotes local business every day. Our publishers are successful small business owners, too! And each Coffee News® franchise boosts community involvement and the Buy Local movement through affordable, highly effective advertising sales to small local businesses. Just like the Buy Local movement, Coffee News® franchise opportunities are a wonderful way for neighbors to help neighbors.

As you visit your neighborhood shops, galleries, bakeries, and restaurants, do you find yourself striking up conversations and making connections? Do you wish more of your friends and neighbors knew how many wonderful goods and services they could buy close to home? Many Coffee News® publishers were once just like you—self-starters with good people skills and a passion to help their community. They turned that commitment to community involvement into a home-based business that gave them financial freedom, and so can you.

Is “change careers” or “work from home” on your holiday wish list? Coffee News® can make that wish a reality!