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Advertising that Works

Advertising that Works

After the NFL Championship Weekend, we know the Seattle Seahawks will defend their title against the New England Patriots in the big game February, 1. Over 110 million people are expected to tune into the game. That’s why the cost of 30 seconds of television advertising during the broadcast is over $4 million! Only big companies can spend enough to get that kind of big exposure, right? If you’re a small business owner, you have another, more affordable advertising opportunity. Small businesses can get super results on a shoestring budget with Coffee News®. Affordable advertising that works.

Whether or not you’re a fan of professional football or of the Seattle Seahawks or the New England Patriots, chances are you will probably watch at least part of the big game on February 1. In today’s media world of thousands of channels, online streaming services, and time-shifted viewing, an event with the live audience numbers and broad demographic reach of the largest game in football is incredibly rare. That’s why, despite the stratospheric sticker price, businesses buy advertising blocks during the blockbuster broadcast. The game has become a marketing competition as much as a sports contest, with ad agencies vying to have the funniest or most memorable ad. According to Forbes magazine, over 50% of the viewing audience will tune in for the ads more than for the game!

The ad industry magazine Advertising Age is tracking the companies betting that a Super Bowl ad will pay off in brand recognition and increased sales. If you’re a small business owner, chances are, you aren’t one of them. Your advertising budget may be humble, but you can still dream big! One of the very best advertising opportunities open to small, local businesses may not be as glamorous as the big game, but it’s still super: Coffee News®, the world’s most popular restaurant publication.

Why is advertising with Coffee News® a better bet than NFL advertising for small businesses? Our little brown paper promises you that:

  • Coffee News® is advertising that works and is always feel-good advertising.
    The NFL has battled a lot of bad press this year, from domestic violence scandals to concussion injuries to controversial rulings on the field and accusations of tampering with game balls. And because only one team can win the championship game, either Seattle Seahawks fans or New England Patriots fans are going to feel disappointed with or disgruntled over the outcome of the game. Brands advertising during the game is associating themselves, for better or for worse, with the NFL. When you advertise with Coffee News®, your ad appears in the midst of humorous jokes and lighthearted, feel-good news—so everyone wins!
  • Coffee News® advertising is market-exclusive.
    That’s right—you don’t have to go head-to-head with your competition to win the game. When you advertise in Coffee News®, youre the only advertiser in your market, in that issue. How many ads for different brands of beer, snack foods, or cars do you think you’ll see during the game on Sunday? Coffee News® makes it easy to stand out in your market. When you advertise in Coffee News®, you’re the champion of your industry.
  • Coffee News® advertising has a great shelf life.
    Yes, over 110 million people will tune into the big game. But how many of those viewers will see every ad? Last year’s game was a blowout, and viewership tumbled throughout the broadcast. And even if the ad is seen, its impacts can be fleeting. It’s hard to capture everyone’s attention and share a memorable message in just 30 seconds! Our ads go into overtime. Coffee News® is seen three meals a day, seven days a week, and all year round. You have plenty of time to make an impression.
  • Coffee News® advertising targets local customers.
    If you are a realtor, plumber, dry cleaner, or run a garden center, your customers live close by. You don’t need to reach hundreds of millions of people all over the world—you need to reach your friends and neighbors. Each issue of Coffee News® is put together by a local publisher and circulates in a specific geographic area, so you can precisely target your ads to your own customized customer base.

Coffee News® advertising works. And it can work for your small business or medium-sized business! Browse our list of publishers in Canada to find the Coffee News® publisher in your market. Then get ready to enjoy the big game—and the results of your very own super-affordable, super-effective advertising opportunity!